JBP's Synergy Surf (JSS) Marketing


Note: You don't necessarily have to understand this Synergy Surf FAQ to succeed with JBP/JSS. The minimum you need to do to succeed with JBP/JSS:
1. Join JBP by opening an account
2. Set up your AlertPay account and fund it, or link your credit card to it;
3. Upgrade in JBP by making your $15 payment;
4. Enter your AlertPay email address in the JBP Member Area;
5. Sponsor downline members (optional);
6. Use the JSS Test-Drive System to get a first-hand experience of of how JSS works;
7. Fund your JSS account using AlertPay;
8. Buy one or more JSS and/or JSS-Tripler positions;
9. If necessary, buy one or more JSS placements to speed up the rate at which your JSS matrixes get filled;
10. Upgrade your placements to "expedited" or "premium";
11. Promote JSS to sponsor people;
12. Observe your $20 positions grow to $60 when your JSS matrixes fill;
13. Use some of your profits to buy new JSS-Tripler positions;
14. Meet weekly surf requirements so you can make withdrawals;
15. Withdraw some of your profits;
16. Study and apply "Upgrade Your Brain" and the "Big Success Breakthrough" -- see "Access Our Products" in your JBP member area;
17. Make JSS-Tripler your primary moneymaker.


Q. How much can I earn by promoting JSS?

A. Potentially, thousands a month -- see right column. (Be sure to read the disclaimer.) Also check out our Blog.

Q. Why should I promote JSS, rather than something else?

A. You may find that JSS provides you with the highest returns on your marketing efforts. You may also find that JSS is easier to market than practically anything else.

Historically, all HYIPs, autosurfs, and similar programs have failed. This has limited the referral earnings of marketers with these programs. Because JSS is the first such program designed to continue indefinitely, you're likely to earn much more in the long run by promoting JSS.

Q. What about promoting JSS-Booster, rather than JSS?

A. Because of the quick profits your prospects can make with JSS-Booster -- see JSS-Booster FAQ -- you may want to focus on promoting JSS-Booster. Most of the marketing suggestions in this FAQ also apply to JSS-Booster. JBP has several referral/splash pages for JSS-Booster. They end with "jssbooster1," jssbooster2," etc.

Since the above was written, it's become potentially more profitable to promote JSS-Tripler -- see JSS-Tripler FAQ. The referral/splash pages for JSS-Tripler end with "jsstripler1," jsstripler2," etc.

Q. I've never succeeded at marketing; how can I become successful?

A. If you can use your keyboard and mouse, and you know basic English, you can become successful. Google: Internet marketing for newbies.

Take advantage of JBP's free webinar training -- see JBP member area for details. Consult the other JBP marketing FAQs and Tutorials.

If you don't have a list of prospects to market to, you may want to learn forum marketing -- Google: learn forum marketing.

You can invite prospects to use the JSS Test-Drive System (TDS) to get a first-hand experience of how JSS works, without risking any money. TDS could be a "big marketing booster!"

Q. Who are the best prospects for JSS?

A. Probably people who are now involved with HYIPs, autosurfs, and similar programs. People who have participated in such programs in the past. See column on the right.

Q. Are there any referral or splash pages I can use to promote JSS?

A. In the JBP member area, see "Referral URLs" and look for the ones ending with "synsurf1," "synsurf2," etc. For referral pages that include the JSS video, see those ending with "synsurf1v," "synsurf2v," etc.

Q. Are there any banners I can use to promote JSS?

A. In the JBP member area, see "Promotional Banners."

Q. Who else are potential prospects for JSS?

A. Practically anyone trying to make money online. JSS is an advertising program that can be used to promote practically anything that's legitimate and not objectionable.


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